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Peanuts Related Commercial Sites

Snoopy.Com is the official website at United Media, the company which distributes Peanuts.

Requests for full-sized copies of original strips can be made at United Media Reprints. Note that Sunday strips are reproduced without colour or greyscale. offers many themed items for sale.

Peanuts Related Reference Sites

The Chronological Book List by Derrick Bang gives an excellent overview of the main Peanuts strip reprint books out there.'s Peanuts Book Collecting Guide is an incredibly detailed list of books by Charles M. Schulz. The Handy Grid Guide makes tabular sense of the many strip reprint books.

Scott's Peanuts Animation & Reprints Page is a great resource for those interested in the Animated Peanuts features as well as strip reprints. The latter has a detailed description of reprint errors and head scratchers in the Peanuts Classics series of reprints.

Jim Dyer's Page makes quick sense of strip reprints in an easy-to-follow manner.

United Media's Strip Library shows a full month's worth of strips having appeared in the newspapers. The Japanese Strip Library includes more links to other strips.

Marcie Lee keeps a Date Conversion Chart listing dates that newspaper strip reprints originally ran, hosted by Timothy Chow.

Peanuts Related Interest Sites

The Peanuts Collector Club is a fantastic source of all that is related to Peanuts. Included in this site are Current Events, Collector News, and Just for Fun. Archivists may also find useful the lists of Character Debuts, The Baseball Team Lineup and Snoopy's Roles.

Derrick Bang maintains the Peanuts FAQ, in invaluable resource to anyone interested in Peanuts.

The Peanuts Newsgroup is located at alt.comics.peanuts.

Timothy Chow keeps a list of Trivia Questions that only the true fan would know the answers to.

On-Line Bookstores is the personal bookstore of Nat Gertler, tailored to the Peanuts fan.

Amazon.Com is one of the largest on-line bookstores.

Chapters/Indigo is a large Canadian book chain.

Barnes and Noble is a large American book chain.

Alibris.Com specializes in used and rare books.

On-Line Auction Sites



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